Review of Soundslides

After completing my own Soundslides project I thought it would be pretty interesting to look over a few other classmates projects. I know I had some of my own difficulties and being able to look over some other projects will give me a chance to see what I can possibly improve for my next Soundslides project.

The first project that I looked at was Brooke and Dyann’s. I personally know both of these girls and they both strive to do perfect work and so I knew that their project would be almost flawless. I thought that the interviewing was pretty dang good. The cuts were all really clean and all of the people who were included were relevant to the topic. Although their was ambient noise in the background I did not feel like it interfered with the interviews. The one thing that I found a little distracting were the breaks that were in between some of the interviewing. I started to pay more attention to the photos then and the ambient noise and then I had a hard time devoting my attention back to what the people were saying.

As their photos, I thought they were all pretty good. There weren’t any that I thought didn’t go along with the story and some of them used creative devices while others were just good shots of people. I thought that it was a good mixture.

The second story I looked at was by Tom and Brad. I was intrigued by the story because I personally don’t know very much about the wrestling team here. The interviewing content was all really good but it had such a sudden start and ending that I didn’t really know what was going on at first. The ambient noise in the background was a little distracting throughout because I wasn’t sure what it was until later on in the interview. As for the photos, they were all fairly good. Some of them were a little blurry and some of them could have used a little more creativity but overall I still enjoyed listening to the story.

The third and final story that I looked at was by Tracie and Nic. I love animals so I figured there story would be an interesting one to look over. The interviewing itself was really good. The content was interesting and there weren’t any times that I was distracted by the ambient noise. I really liked that they added dogs barking and cats meowing. I thought it really added something to the story. Their pictures were also pretty interesting. I could sit and look at pictures of cats and dogs all day long so I was happy with them. The only real critique I have is that the interview seemed a little lengthy. I started to lose a little interest towards the end but it’s something I can completely relate to so I can’t really critique that fact too harshly.


~ by adriennemorency on December 1, 2010.

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