Individual Soundslides Project

After doing a group Soundslides project, we were given the assignment to do one alone. At first I thought that it would be really difficult because I really relied on Courtney to help me out with our last assignment but I figured I would get through it none the less.

When I first started thinking about this project, I was asking around for idea of what to do. I asked a friend of mine if she knew any interesting people and she told me that she had a friend who does Burlesque dancing in downtown Laramie. I am never around Burlesque dancing so of course this caught my attention immediately.

I would have to say that I can’t even compare this project with my group project. In my mind they are two completely different things. I loved working with Courtney and I think our project turned out awesome but I also had a great time doing this one as well. Fathom was extremely interesting and I wouldn’t have traded my topic for anything.

My favorite thing that happened during this whole project happened when I was at the bar taking pictures of Fathom. The bouncer came up to me and my friend and told us that if we wanted to get up on the bar and dance we could and he would take pictures of all three of us. We politely turned him down and giggled together as soon as he was gone.

This time around, I didn’t have nearly as many problems as I did with my group project. This time audacity and Soundslides worked perfectly for me. Ironically Courtney and I worked on our projects together and we high-fived several times when we both were completely finished.

Looking back on this project, I wouldn’t have changed anything. I would hope that maybe people would have a little more free time but that is obviously something that can’t really be controlled. I honestly had a great time doing this project.


~ by adriennemorency on December 8, 2010.

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