Audio Editing Practice

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As a way of getting a little more familiar with audio and cutting and editing audio, my online journalism professor thought it would be best for us to count to ten in a random order and then have to put them in correct order using the program audacity. I had to record myself counting three different times because the first two times there were a few blips when I could not be heard. Finally the third time worked fairly well. When I say two it is hard to hear but it is there and other than that my numbers are pretty loud and clear.

This was my first time using sound editing so it was pretty fun to mess around with audacity. Like I said I had a few issues with my recorder but that was a learning process for me as well and I managed to get through it so I think I’ll be okay. Doing this assignment was a good introduction to audio and editing for future assignments that will include actual speaking that I will have to edit.

My teacher obviously felt like this would be a good introduction assignment as well. Soon each of us will be assigned a project where the amount of audio and editing will be a lot more so this brief project was a good introduction. I now feel like I will be able to do our next assignments with a little more confidence and I will actually know what I am doing.

The main thing I learned during this assignment though is that there is a certain distance that the recorder should be away from the person speaking. I’m pretty sure that is what my issue was with the recorder the first couple of times. Next time I will  be able to skip over the first couple of times and skip right to doing it correctly.

Counting original by Adrienne Morency

Counting edited by Adrienne Morency


Ambient Noise

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For the past couple of days I have playing around with an audio recorder to see if I could collect ambient noises. I found numerous sounds in my own apartment as well as outside and in some of my classes. To give you a little taste of what I have collected I have added six different sounds to my blog for you to enjoy!

Squeaky Door by Adrienne Morency

This audio is one that I took as I was coming home one night. Our outside door at our apartment is extremely squeaky so I thought it would make for a good piece of audio. This kind of noise would be good for a story about burglary. Or perhaps with a story about door repair!

Coins by Adrienne Morency

As a college student having quarters for laundry is a very important thing. This is the sound of all the quarters I have sitting in my room. This kind of audio would be great for a story about how much laundry costs. It would also be good with any kind of money story which is a really popular topic due to the economy.

Zipper by Adrienne Morency

This very strange sound is of the zipper on my backpack. I have been borrowing my backpack from my roommate for this semester and there about six different sections of the backpack. I would say that this audio would be good for a story about back to school or an ad for tents.

Heater by Adrienne Morency

Just a few days ago my roommate and I decided it was time to turn on our heater so right now this sound is almost always present in our apartment, especially on cold days. I would use this audio for exactly what I just talked about, discussion about cold, winter days.

Shower by Adrienne Morency

This audio is a mixture of the shower running and the bathroom fan at my apartment. This audio would be good for a story about water conservation or the prices of water.

Keyboard by Adrienne Morency

My final sound is one of a very busy student during a typing class at the University of Wyoming. We were told to work on our own projects so this student was busy doing her work. This sound would be great for a back to school story or about computers and how prevalent they are in our society.

Audio Stories

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Recently audio has become more and more prevalent in the journalism world. In order to familiarize myself with different techniques and styles I chose three different stories that I was drawn to.

The first story I picked was one from the New York Times project One in Eight Million. The specific story I chose was titled The Walking Miracle. This specific story was about a woman who was diagnosed with blood clots all throughout her stomach. Doctors told her that if she were to go through surgery her chance of not making it would be 99%. However, if she did not go through surgery, the outcome would be the same. The woman chose to go through the surgery and she managed to survive. She became that 1%.

I really enjoyed this story. Although the audio only consisted of the woman speaking of her experiences, I felt like this was stronger than if the journalist’s voice or questions were recorded as well. Even though the journalist was not recorded, I feel like their editing was very well done. The questions asked and the quotations included were all very good. The emotion came through strongly through the woman because her experience was so intense which made me feel the emotion. Because of the topic of the story I think the journalist did a very good job with how they went about reporting. I would not want them to change one thing.

The second story that I listened to was from NPR news. The story is called We Bought Gold and it is all about these two guys who see how far their $449.06 would take them. It turned out, they were able to buy a piece of gold no bigger than a nickel. The mission of buying this gold was to find out from retails and other people why gold costs so much. Basically they came to the conclusion that it is because of the value that it has always had. Plus, it is a form of currency which everyone wants to be a part of.

I enjoyed this story quite a bit as well because the topic of gold is fairly interesting to me. I was absorbed in the story because it interested me. However, I do wish I was able to watch the men as they went to the Diamond Industry so I could see their faces when they saw how much some gold would cost. Besides this, the story was well done. I liked how ambient noise was included in the background so the listener felt more like they were right there alongside the two men performing the experiment.

For my final story, I returned back to the New York Times to take a look at another One in Eight Million Story. This time I reviewed The Uncertain Gang Member. I was attracted to this story because I have always been frightened of gangs. After listening to this young mans story, I know that not all gang members are dangerous. After being arrested, the gang member decided he was going to stay clear of drugs and other trouble although he did not drop out of the gang.

I really enjoyed this story as well. The emotion the man spoke of when he talked about graduating high school despite the outlook everyone had on him gave me chills. It made me feel like anything is possible. Yet again I liked that the journalist’s voice was not included in the story. The pictures for this story were also very good. They cut right to the emotion.

Reporting Project Review

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For the past two weeks I have been working on a class assignment that involved me being assigned to a particular department at the University of Wyoming and then picking a teacher to do a personality profile on. Now that I have completed my assignment on Nicole Lamartine and my final grade has been received, I am going to take a look back at some of my classmates’ stories that they have been working on.

The first story that I chose was one that Dyann Diercks wrote on Lee Hodgson of the art department. After reading through the story I decided that one of my favorite parts was the end. It always seems like writers show their true colors a little more in their introduction and their conclusion which was definitely true of Dyann. The only thing that I wish would have been more heavily spoken of was Hodgson’s involvement in some of the plays. There could have been links added to some of his artwork or linked to pages that spoke more about what the play was about. Other then these things, I think Dyann did a great job!

The second story I stumbled upon is one of a professor that I myself have taken a class from. Tracie Perkins decided to focus her personality profile on statistics teacher Stephen Bieber. Since I have taken class from Professor Bieber I enjoyed reading about his struggles in life and about how he got to be where he is now. I found it nice to know that he wasn’t sure what he wanted to be until much later in his life. My favorite thing about the story, though, was how she referenced his usage of candy to explain certain problems. I have to admit, that was my favorite part of his class.

The final story that I decided to read over is one of a department that I am very fond of; perhaps due to my minor in literary studies. Zachary Laux focused his personality profile on English professor Erin Forbes. Although I have never taken one of Professor Forbes’ classes, I feel as though I have after reading through this story. Although I did enjoy this article, I felt like it could have focused slightly more on Forbes’ different teaching techniques and mannerisms because it seemed to me like she was remarkable similar to most other English professors. Perhaps that is because many of them are fairly similar because of their bond of literature. Other then that aspect, I truly did enjoy the story and I loved the picture that was taken outside of Hoyt Hall. Every time I go to that building I feel like it is some kind of forbidden fortress and that is exactly how Laux portrayed the building.

After completing my own story and journeying through the stories of others, I have found that many of us learned about the rough journeys that many professors take through life. Students rarely get to see another side of their professors other than what they show in the classroom and now, thanks to our projects, we are able to see the inner workings of many different professors’ lives.

Personality Profile

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Your Personality Profile set

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HTML Experiment

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Recently I have begun to experiment with HTML and I am proud to say that I did not use any helpers such as Dreamweaver. Instead, I did it all from scratch (with a little help from my teacher). I put the code together by hand in a notepad document but WordPress software will not allow me to upload HTML so I had to save the coding into a Word document.

Over the past week or so I have been focusing on putting together an  Index and About  page. For the most part both pages are fairly basic, since I do not own my own domain name, but for now my index page serves as a homepage while the about page has a little more information about what I have done with multimedia journalism thus far.



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Your Photojournalism set

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Photojournalism, posted with vodpod

On a daily basis there are moments that cannot be captured. However, it is the mission of a photojournalist to capture the moments that can make a person smile, laugh or cry. Over the past week I have made it my mission to capture these moments that I speak of.

To begin with, I ventured to the Farmers Market that Laramie hosts every Friday evening throughout the summer. There were plenty of small things that caught my eye and I managed to capture a few of these with my camera.

One of my favorite feature photos, “Yummy, Terry Tuner shares his food with his lab, Shotze,” was a moment that is normally hidden within a household. At first I just noticed that the yellow lab was one of the biggest beggars that I have ever witnessed. Then I noticed that the man was sharing food with his dog off of his fork. I could not help but to love this moment between man and his best friend. Since the man was so wrapped up in the actions of his dog, this photo was very easy to capture.  In order to capture this moment, I used the rule of thirds creative device. The man and the dog fall on the vertical lines and the orange cone and the computer fall on the horizontal lines.

My favorite sports photo that I captured is a fairly simple one but has a little something extra to it as well. “Assessing the game, Nolan Troupe waits on deck for his turn in the game of softball,” demonstrates the passion that many people share for sports. Instead of waiting on the bench with the others, Troupe found that he would rather wait at the gate. I decided to attend this game because of a friend of mine was going to be playing but I did not think that they would let me in the dugout which provided much better photo opportunities. Since Troupe is standing in the opening of the gate I used framing as a creative device. I also set him off to the side in a form of rule of thirds.

Another favorite photo of mine is one that came out of nowhere. “Puppy love, Linda Williams allows her pouch dog to exchange a few sniffs with a fellow puppy,” occurred when I was walking along at the Farmers Market and I noticed the pouch puppy. If this wasn’t cute enough, the lady soon bent down to allow her dog to sniff another puppy. It was evident to me that a large part of this ladies character was about loving animals, especially dogs. For this photo I have to honestly say that I was just trying to capture the moment so I didn’t really try to use creative devices.

As I continued to walk through the Farmers Market a friend and I noticed these two girls walking around looking a little out of place. “Laramie Burlesque, Jade and Vanity chat with a friend as they promote singing and dancing for Laramie Burlesque,” is a photo I took before I realize that these girls weren’t just out for attention. When I noticed these girls talking to their friend I found it pretty funny how he was leaning out the back of this truck just to get a little closer to these half naked girls. After I approached the girls to get their names and found out what they were actually out doing, it completely changed the tone of the picture but I still found it funny. Yet again I found myself rushed in the situation so I didn’t think about creative devices at the time.

“Silhouette, Rod Janzen of Dierks Bentley plays a solo in between lyrics,” is a photo I captured while at the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on Saturday night. Dierks Bentley was the band that played first and at one point Janzen was given the spotlight and gave his solo. I loved the contrast that occurred between the guitar and the front side of him and everything surrounding him. The concert was great to begin with but then as soon as you witness solos like this one, it becomes even more evident how in love with the music these people are. It was fantastic.

I would definitely say that the one thing that I learned on this photo adventure is that capturing those moments that you cannot put into words is very difficult. These five photos were the best that I had and the other fifteen were not nearly as good.